2023 Australian Sake Festival


9/30・10/1 オーストラリア シドニーで開催されるAustralian Sake Festivalに出展いたします。









【Australian Sake Festivalについて】



I will be exhibiting at the Australian Sake Festival, which will be held in Sydney,Australia, on September 30th and October 1st.

This event is highly regarded by Japanese sake enthusiasts in Australia,featuring over 200 varieties of Japanese sake, as well as shochu, awamori,plum wine, fruit liqueurs, and a wide range of food and snacks,all centered around four themes: Japanese sake, cuisine, culture, and tourism.


For this occasion, there will be digital exhibitions showcasing traditional Japanese culture,particularly focusing on the Edo period, along with sake seminars, exhibitions, and performances.


This is my first time participating in an overseas exhibition,but I will do my best to ensure that the people of Sydney have a great time enjoying the world of Japanese sake and culture.


【Australian Sake Festival】